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Psychology and psychotherapy offer a way to try and help you understand the difficulties so that they make sense. This in itself can provide relief for people. Therapy is useful to explore ways to overcome the difficulties or to minimise the effects they have on your everyday life

Psychological difficulties take a number of forms. Stress, anxiety and depression are just some of them. These are not just problems that you read about in the papers, or something that affects the rich and famous. They affect ordinary people too and are an unwelcome feature of busy modern life. These conditions can be extremely debilitating and affect the way we function in our daily lives.

One of the first steps to getting help is to recognise when there is a problem. Insomnia, changes in mood, feeling low or fearful and thinking very critical things about yourself can all be signs of stress, anxiety or depression.

People often ask themselves “why me?” or “why now?” These difficulties can take us by surprise and they sometimes arise when objectively "everything should be going right".

Prof Martin Milton is a psychologist and psychotherapist working in South West London and can be approached by those seeking help for their difficulties or those interested in therapy as a form of personal development.

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Please note my new email address is dr.mmilton@yahoo.com

People often find that scheduling is an important decision when choosing a therapist. Please note that my consulting days are Thursdays and Fridays.

Recent publications

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BPS Award

I am delighted to be one of the recipients of the British Psychological Society Award for the Promoting of Equality of Opportunity 2012.