Psychotherapy is a means of exploring oneself - both for personal development and also to resolve personal, emotional and psychological difficulties.

* See 'News' section for up to date information about my practice, support during the coronavirus pandemic and remote psychotherapy through telephone and video platform *


Prof Martin Milton, Psychologist specialising in Psychotherapy.

Psychology and psychotherapy offer a way to try and help you understand emotional difficulties so that they make sense and this, in itself, can provide relief for people. Psychological difficulties take a number of forms. Stress, anxiety, depression and health anxiety are just some of them.

Psychotherapy is usually undertaken in face to face mode, but more recently, as people have travelled more and schedules become more packed, remote or online sessions have been found to be helpful too. During the pandemic many people are finding this is the best way to manage social distancing and still undertake their therapy.

Therapy is useful to explore ways to overcome the difficulties or to minimise the effects they have on your everyday life. This may feel particularly difficult during the current health crisis.

Psychology & psychotherapy offer a way to try and help you understand emotional difficulties so that they make sense

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Psychotherapy is a means of exploring oneself - both for personal development and also to resolve personal, emotional and psychological difficulties.


It is important that you know that your therapist works ethically and as a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS)

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Research and practice go hand in hand. As well as publishing in journals, I have published a number of books.


Latest News

Black Trans Lives Matter

June 2020 – Pride month. But Pride with a difference. The pandemic has cancelled the parade and at the same time the killing of George Floyd has illuminated the fact that racism is everywhere, playing out interpersonally and systemically with fatal consequences.  Black Lives Matter asks each of us to think about our role in…
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Guidance for online therapy

Guidance for online Psychotherapy Sessions  While psychotherapy is usually conducted face to face, a variety of modalities is actually possible. I see most clients in person, but also provide regular remote sessions where distance is an issue and of course, I occasionally complement face to face sessions with remote sessions where health or travel issues…
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Support during the current Covid-19 emergency

Social distancing Lockdown and self-isolation can be difficult for a social species, it can lead to despair, loneliness, and exacerbate feelings of depression. Therapy can help you connect to your optimism and become mindful of meeting your emotional needs during this period of change. Worry, anxiety and panic The pandemic is, quite understandably, upsetting for…
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Therapy and social distancing

Everyone will be aware that we need to prioritise social distancing in Britain at the moment, this means I will not be seeing clients in a face to face capacity for the duration. Instead, for clients who are interested, and it is appropriate, I will be offering therapy through telephone and video conferencing platforms. To…
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Coronavirus Update

In light of the government’s advice in relation to the slowing down of the spread of the coronavirus, I will not be seeing people in a face to face capacity for a while. The exact point to reconvene will be determined by the advice given in due course. This does not mean that I will…
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Information on the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is understandably something that many people are concerned about. A starting point to understand it, the public health response and ways to limit the risk of infection is the Government Website which is updated regularly. It is available at Should you have relevant symptoms, have travelled from an area hit by the…
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