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A call for action?

In light of the growing attention on climate change and environmental destruction my doctoral student and I recently wrote to a piece for colleagues in the psychological professions. It is available here

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The Inheritance and what theatre can teach us

I have just had a paper published in the British Psychological Journal, Psychology of Sexualities Review. It is called: The Inheritance: Reflections on visibility, representation and community wellbeing It is in Psychology of Sexualities Review Psychology of Sexualities Review, Vol. 10, No. 1, Summer 2019

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Recent publications

Martin has recently had two papers published. The first one is “An Englishman in New York: Reflections on loneliness, Journal of Psychological Therapies, 4(1): 83-89″. The second is “Paul Monette’s Becoming a man: Half a life story, Journal of Psychological Therapies, 4(1): 90-92”

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Talks: International Meaning Conference

Martin is an invited speaker at July’s International Meaning Conference in Central London. His talk is entitled ‘Brexit means Brexit: Political meanings and personal impacts’. If interested please see details of the conference at Other speakers include Emmy van Deurzen, Greg Madison, Joel Vos, Virginia Eatough, and many, many more.

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Talks: Division of Counselling Psychology conference

Martin is an invited speaker at the upcoming British Psychological Society Division of Counselling Psychology Annual Conference. His talk is entitled “Climate change, Brexit and the demonisation of the Other: Implications for Counselling Psychology Practice’. If you are attending the conference please do come along.

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