Coronavirus Mitigations

[Updated 10/02/22]

While legal restrictions have been lifted to a significant degree/ and may soon be removed completely, vigilance regarding the ongoing covid19 pandemic remains important and attention to surges in infection and regular day-to-day protocols should help us limit the risk of infection. 

I am only offering face-to-face appointments in the following circumstances:

Testing: Clients and I will both take a covid test on the day of the appointment and only attend if that test is negative for coronavirus.

Tests are freely available from local chemists and from the government website. See

Social distancing: Please note that, like most buildings, Hurlingham Studios was not designed with social distancing in mind. The hallways and stairwell are quite narrow. Because of this, please allow people to exit the stairwell before entering.

Face coverings:  Please ensure you utilise a face covering (ensuring that both your mouth and your nose is covered). Coverings should be FFP2 or surgical, rather than cloth.

Hand sanitising: Please wash your hands in the bathroom on arrival. There is also hand-sanitiser in the room. 

Ventilation: With regard to ventilation, the window will be open as a matter of course (unless rain makes this impossible). Do bring a sweater or blanket if you feel you might be cold. I will also be using a HEPA filter.

Timing: As usual, we will keep to the scheduled appointment times to allow surfaces to be cleaned between clients and for the room to be ventilated. 

If have symptoms of coronavirus, it is important that you do not attend your session in person. Instead, please call to make alternative arrangements. Please also visit

Please also consult up to dateIndependent Sage/ NHS/PHE/Government websites for up-to-date guidance. 

Settling Fees:

Fees should be settled electronically on the day of sessions (or as arranged). Please do not bring cash or cheques.