Helping you

Psychotherapy is a means of exploring oneself - both for personal development and also to resolve personal, emotional and psychological difficulties.

It can be undertaken in ‘short-term’ or ‘long-term’ formats and the period of time is discussed during the first meetings and at other times throughout the therapy.

Therapy is like a focused conversation - we would talk about your difficulties, how you understand them and how they relate to your life in general.

Sometimes it is a bit upsetting to think so clearly about the problems you have, but it also brings relief. We try to understand the difficulties you have now and how they came about. This allows us to consider together how you might tackle these difficulties effectively so that you can move forward more happily.

Psychotherapy has been proven to be helpful with a range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, family and relationship difficulties, work related stress and sexuality and sexual issues.

You might have read a lot about different ‘approaches’ to psychotherapy and how they are useful for different problems. As a psychologist specialising in psychotherapy, my approach to psychotherapy is influenced by existential, psychodynamic and cognitive approaches.

Sessions and fees

Sessions last for 50 minutes and once arranged they will not be used to see other clients. You will be responsible for paying for them if you miss an arranged session. Fees vary on a sliding scale dependent on services offered and times required (some reductions are available for daytime sessions). Fees will be discussed and agreed with clients during the first session. Typical rates are indicated below.

Psychotherapy and Supervision sessions (50 minutes)

£110 - Standard fees.
£80 - Some places for individuals who are self funding.
£60 - Limited number of spaces for those in psychotherapy training in financial need.

Session fees should be paid at the end of the sessions. I am able to accept cash or cheque. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer credit card facilities.In some circumstances sessions can be billed at the end of the calendar month. In that instance, invoices would be sent electronically unless advised otherwise and settlement would be expected within 7 days. Please note that delays in settlement will be subject to an administrative fee.

Private Insurance

As I am registered with several healthcare insurance companies (including PruHealth, AXA-PPP) you will be able to reclaim the fees from your company (within the limits of your specific policy). Some private healthcare insurance companies require a referral from a psychiatrist or from the company itself before the company will process your claim to cover the fees.

*Please ensure that you clarify any stipulations with your company as soon as possible.*