Support during the current Covid-19 emergency

Social distancing

Lockdown and self-isolation can be difficult for a social species, it can lead to despair, loneliness, and exacerbate feelings of depression. Therapy can help you connect to your optimism and become mindful of meeting your emotional needs during this period of change.

Worry, anxiety and panic

The pandemic is, quite understandably, upsetting for many people in its own right. But it can also exacerbate existing concerns and distress. While this may be understandable there may be steps that can be taken to reduce panic and implement self-protective strategies and reduce anxiety.

Online therapy

During the need for social distancing, all therapy is being undertaken on line or by telephone. In order for that to most effectively meet your needs we will initially have a short conversation about your needs, what you hope to get from therapy and the way that you can best set up online sessions. Clients should consider when they might have time to dedicate to sessions, how to create privacy in their home environment, how to limit the chance of being overheard, and how they will support themselves after sessions should they need to.